Project Manager Shubham Shedge

Year: Senior
Major: Electrical Engineering

Minor: Computer Science

Current Role: Project Manager
Shubham joined the MSU Solar Racing Team wanting to gain more knowledge and expertise in electric vehicles and sustainable energy. He joined the electrical side of the team as a freshman in the fall of 2016. His first year was spent assisting the older students in reverse-engineering and reviving the electrical systems of old car, Leonidas, in preparation for the FSGP 2017 competition. After the competition, he founded and assumed the lead role of Driver Controls System subteam, the team’s very first attempt to design and produce an vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) system in-house, sparking the team transformation to design every single electrical system by undergraduate students only in-house. Shubham was elected as the Electrical Team Manager in spring 2017, where he now oversees all the electrical system projects for MSU SRT’s next generation vehicle, Aurora!


Mechanical Team Manager Zak Kubiak

Year: Senior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Current Role: Mechanical Team Manager

Zak joined the team in fall 2017 and has since led the Propulsion Team to procure an electric motor and then the Steering Team to design and manufacture a steering system for the new car, Aurora. This year Zak has taken the role of mechanical team manager where he hopes to use leadership and technical skills gained in previous years to get Aurora ready for competition in summer 2020.



Brake Team Lead Diego Prakash

Year: Senior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Current Role: Brake Team Lead

Diego is a senior in mechanical engineering and joined the Propulsion team in the early stages of building Aurora. Once taking a leadership role as the Brake team lead, he was able to utilize a combination of engineering skills to design and build a safe and efficient braking system for Aurora. 




Steering Team Lead Julia O’Mara

Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Current Role: Steering Team Lead

Joined SRT my freshman year and quickly became really involved and passionate about the group. I am also in an A Cappella group called Ladies First so you’ll often hear me singing in the shop!




Chassis Team Lead Nathan Ward

Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Current Role: Chassis Team Lead

Nathan joined the engineering team as a sophomore in fall 2018 and took over as the chassis team lead nine months later. He contributed to the build of Aurora’s chassis and designed several attaching mounts using CAD and finite element analysis. He looks forward to improving Aurora to compete at the highest level, designing the chassis of the team’s next vehicle, and sharing his knowledge with the younger members as his predecessor did so well.





Body Team Co-Lead Will Erskine

Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Current Role: Body Team Co-Lead



Will Erskine is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He joined as a freshman in the fall of 2018 and has worked on making the outer body of Aurora become a reality.



Safety and Operations Lead Yutaka Benson

Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering and Public Safety/Criminal Justice
Current Role: Safety and Operations Lead

Yutaka here! I am a sophomore at MSU,  currently double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Public Safety/Criminal Justice. I joined MSU Solar Racing last year, and found that it’s a pretty cool club, so I decided to stick around. As Safety and Operations lead, it’s my job to make sure that our team doesn’t crash and burn (quite literally). On my watch, there have been no fires…yet.





Ergonomics Team Lead Kevin Kinsey

Year: Junior
Current Role: Ergonomics Team Lead

I’ve been on solar team for 2 years now and started out as a member of the ergonomics and lighting team.  I am very passionate about the  mechanical and electrical side of automotive engineering and have spent my time on solar helping design interior features of the car, as well as exterior lighting.




Business Team Manager Blake Banas

Year: Senior
Major: Marketing
Current Role: Business Team Manager

Blake is currently serving as the Business Manager for the Michigan State Solar Racing Team. He is currently a 4th year Marketing student. His responsibilities with team include developing sponsor relations and long-term financial strategy for the Aurora vehicle project.



Procurement Team Lead Nick Madden

Year: Senior
Major: Finance
Minor: Information Technology
Current Role: Procurement Team Lead

I am a senior at Michigan State University pursuing an undergraduate degree in Finance with a minor in Information Technology. I was drawn to the Solar Racing Team by the prospect of taking part in sustainable innovation.





Marketing Team Lead Abhinav Thirupathi

Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Economics
Current Role: Marketing Team Lead

Currently a junior majoring in computer science and minoring in economics. As a team lead planning to expand and streamline our social media and online efforts, engage more in the community around us, and recruit fresh talent into the team to bring new ideas and sustain the team for the future.



Public Relations Lead Ben Holmes

Year: Sophomore
Major: Packaging
Current Role: Public Relations Lead

Ben joined his first semester at Michigan State and has been working with public relations ever since. His position is to strengthen the bond between MSU engineering and corporations.