Class of 2019-2020

Shubham Shedge
Project Manager
Zak Kubiak
Mechanical Manager
Jacob Randall
Electrical Manager

Blake Banas

Business Manager
Austin Alexander
Array Lead
Yutaka Benson
Safety and Operations Lead
Trevor Bonn
Microsystems Lead
Sebastian Bosoc
Battery Pack Lead
Ian Burress
Andrew Carter
Wheel Package Lead
Kayla Chuong
Body Co-Lead
Will Erskine
Body Co-Lead
Zak Harwood
Brakes Co-Lead
Ben Holmes
Sponsor Relations Lead
Kevin Kinsey
Ergonomics and Lighting Lead
Xander Knapman
Solar Electronics Lead
Zach Kupa
Suspension Co-Lead
Peter Litsey
Battery Management and Systems Lead
Julia O’Mara
Steering Lead

Diego Prakash

Brakes Co-Lead
Connor Sands
Software Lead
Ross Talbert
Chief Engineer
Val Vargas
Suspension Co-Lead
Nathan Ward
Chassis Lead