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Our Mission 

  1. We create a team environment where technical excellence, accountability, open collaboration, and community engagement are all held in the highest regard. In doing so, we hope to further the causes of sustainable innovation and technical education.
  2. We reflect Michigan State University and the College of Engineering, thus we must hold our reputation with high honor and respect, so that the contributions of our team and the University are neither taken for granted nor lost in vain.
  3. We foster a collaborative, open-source environment among different solar car teams, as well as MSU student organizations.
  4. We highly accredit, provide benefits, and represent our sponsors to the highest degree.


Jesse Ouellette
Jesse Ouellette was a mechanical engineer who also graduated with a German Lanugage minor in May 2017. He was the President of MSU Solar and also the leader for the mechanical team. He was on the team since 2014 becoming the leader of the Mechanical Team in 2015 and assuming the Presidency in 2016. Jesse helped to create a strong foundation for team development as well as being responsible for the redesign of several major components.

Trevor Ploucha
 Trevor Ploucha is a mechanical engineer with a sales leadership minor who graduated in May 2017. He served as the Vice President of MSU Solar and was also the leader for the Business Team. Trevor was recruited to take over the Buisness Team in 2015 as his business approach was unparalleled. His business and sponsorship success was a cornerstone for the team’s success this during his time with the team and continues to be for the team.

Ali ElSeddik
Ali is an electrical engineering major who was on the team for three years. Before taking over as project manager in his third year, Ali worked with both the array team and the body team in fabricating Leonidas. Ali graduated in the fall of 2015.

Ian Grosh
 Ian joined the team in the Fall of 2012 and has worked with and lead the electical team on driver controls and communication. He assumed the role of electrical team captain in the spring of 2013. Ian is a computer engineering major.

Jinbo Chen
 Currently studying for his doctorate, Jinbo had been on the team for three years. Jinbo took a major part in the fabrication of the body for Leonidas as well as leading the mechanical team in the design of the steering, brakes and mechanical driver controls which have since been upgraded.

Jo Hao
 Jo assumed the responsibilites of buisness team manager in the fall of 2014 after working on acquiring sponsorships for the team before.

Ethan Akerly
Ethan joined in the fall of 2011 and worked in several different areas of the team. Ethan started as the Logistics Manager in the Summer of 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ethan helped to coordinate the logistics of the ASC 2012 and ASC 2014. Ethan has since graduated with a degree in civil engineering.

Steve Zajac
 Steve joined the solar car team in the fall of 2012 and almost immediately began working as the manager of the solar array division. Steve constructed and encapsulated the entire solar array for Brasidius III and Leonidas. Steve also provided guidance for many of the other electrical systems of the car. Steve is currently a graduate student and PhD candidate studying Electrical Engineering.

Scott O'Connor
 Scott joined the solar car team in the fall of 2011 and was the Electrical Team Manager from the spring of 2012 until the spring of 2014. Scott was integral in organizing a fully functioning electrical team as well as the development of the microelectronic systems for the solar car. Scott recently graduated as an electrical engineer from MSU is currently in pursuit of his PhD degree.

Yousef Gtat
 Yousef joined the team in the spring of 2014 and got immediately hooked to the team. He helped in the fabrication of Leonidas within different teams: the body, mechanical, and electrical and proved to be a vital team member.

Jessica Lu
 Jessica joined the team during her first year at MSU and worked with the mechanical team. She found herself ecstatic for solar racing after her participation in the 2014 FSGP in Austin.

Greg Stark

Year: Senior

Major: Electrical Engineering

Current Role: Project Manager

Greg joined the Electrical team as a Freshman in the Fall of 2015. He assumed the role of co-Electrical team lead the next year and was one of the major contributors to reviving the electrical systems on Leonidas for FSGP 2017. After serving as President and Electrical team lead last year, he now holds the role of Project Manager and hopes to lead the team through the successful construction of our new Cruiser, Aurora!

Alexandra Konopka

Year: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Current Role: Body and Aerodynamics Team Lead

Alex joined the mechanical team as a freshman in fall of 2015. She’s worked on improving Leonidas for the first two years on the team and has since then taken the role of designing the body for Aurora. Her dedication for the team showed when she helped set up community outreach events and fundraisers over the past few years to grow the team’s involvement in the community. She’s super excited to take on the role of Body and Aerodynamics Lead to help design and build a new cruiser class car after helping the team grow over the last few years.

Zachary Kubiak

Year: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Current Role: Propulsion and Steering Team Lead

Zak joined the team in fall 2017 when he jumped into a leadership role calculating motor specification requirements and communicating with manufacturers for Aurora’s propulsion system. After the new Mitsuba electric motor was delivered in fall 2018 Zak began designing the steering system for Aurora and is excited to manufacture his designs and assemble them into the new cruiser class vehicle!

Nathan Engler

Year: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Current Role: Chassis Team Lead

Nathan joined the Mechanical team as a Junior in the Spring of 2018. He assumed the role of chassis team lead the next year and was responsible for the completion of the chassis design by implementing finite element analysis. Nathan is excited to gain some hands on experience as Aurora transitions out of the design phase and is brought to life!

Solar Cars

Brasidius I
 Completed in 2010, Brasidius I provided the basis for building Brasidius II and III the following years.

Brasidius II
 Completed in 2011, Brasidius II was the first ever participation for MSU in the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

Brasidius III
The third generation of Brasidius: completed in the summer of 2012. Brasidius III became the first ever participation for MSU in the American Solar Challenge.

Leonidas I
Leonidas is our newest car, completed in the summer of 2014. Pictured here at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX.

Aurora is Michigan states first multiple person solar car vehicle. Aurora is currently in the build phase and should be comleted and ready to compete in the American Solar Challenge in summer 2018

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