Outside the Barrel

Michigan State University Solar Racing Team

We are a student run group composed of the next generation of talented engineers and entrepreneurs. We were founded in 2000, and have been competitively designing and racing solar-powered vehicles ever since. We aim to gain experiences that go beyond the classroom, while promoting a Greener future!


Prerana Gundaa


Samuel Rabick

Electrical Director

Ryan Qualley

Mechanical Director

Joshua D’sa

Business Director

Vikram Guruswamy

Operations Director

I absolutely had no clue about how the things work on a car like the communication protocols, safety measures, fabrication and much more. But everyone here is so helpful and supportive that now I at least understand these basic things pretty clearly!

Vedant Naik

Battery Protection System

As a freshman, I was so confused (New environment, a lot of students and no friends from the school) and I didn’t understand a lot of things, however after talking with other members of Solar Car, I started to enjoy my time in this club, even I started to pursue Computer Engineering major, and receive knowledge from upperclassmen undergraduate students. Step by step, I get knowledges and after certain period, I can become a very good member, with decent skills to make our Solar Car better than other’s.

Tamerlan Baimurat

Driver Control System


Fall 2022

Design, Simulation & Review

Our new car Cynisca be built from the ground up with new electrical and mechanical components. Before investing in hardware implementations, a solid design must be brainstormed and thoroughly scrutinized. 

Spring 2023

Prototyping, Testing & Manufacturing

Mechanical components such as the frame, body and drivetrain are manufactured. Electrical components are assembled and tested.

Summer 2023

Continue Manufacturing

Fall 2023

Build, Assembly & Integration

With all the components for various subsystems built, they are integrated together into a final road ready vehicle.

Spring 2024

Road Testing & Strategy

The final phase before competition is road testing the car, collecting data on it’s performance for optimization. Based on competition details and design of our car, a strategy is created to compete.

Summer 2024




Organization Name: Michigan State University Solar Racing Team

Small Orders: 428 S. Shaw Lane Room 2120 East Lansing MI 48824

Large Orders: 166 Service Road East Lansing MI 48824