The MSU Solar Racing Team consists of a wide array of skilled individuals who contribute uniquely to the development process of our car. No matter what skill set you possess, you can find a way to implement and improve them by joining us. Members can participate across different subteams on multiple projects.

Electrical Team

The electrical division designs and integrates high and low-voltage systems into the vehicle. Some of the devices and systems include driver controls, power distribution, solar array, battery pack, and electric motors, among many others.

Mechanical Team

Designing and building a car from the ground up is not typically taught in the classroom, but that is what we do here. The mechanical team develops the car’s body, frame, suspension and steering assemblies in house. With our new car ‘Cynisca’ being built, there are numerous opportunities to be involved in the process.

Business Team

Racing teams are more than just a vehicle, they are a business, and as such need people to capture connections & opportunities for the team. The business team allows members to network with our multitude of automotive connections and experience the workings of a real business. Members will reach out to connections for sponsorships, plan outreach events and manage finances.

Operations Team

The logistics of a racing team can be quite a challenge. With competitions spanning across multiple state borders, the operations team is crucial for making everything run smoothly. Members will plan competitions and team events.

Other Positions

Some positions can’t be clearly defined. Where would the Webmaster fall under? If theres a unique role you’d like to play on our team, we’re open to it. Show us what you’ve got!

More details will appear closer to the next recruiting season (Fall 2024)