About the Mechanical Team

The mechanical team is responsible for the hardware necessary for a competitive solar vehicle. The drivetrain, chassis and body are all custom made for optimal performance on the track. 


Brakes, Wheels, Steering, Suspension (BAWSS)






The suspension of the car is designed to reduce energy loss, increase drivability and allow for a more comfortable ride. To combat friction we run tires with low rolling resistance and simulate our suspension geometry through MotionView analysis to iterate through different designs.


Ergonomics must constantly be thinking about the comfort, drivability and the egress of a vehicle. This will include the steering wheel, pedals, seat, etc. Many of our rules and regulations require us to ensure that the driver is safe and able to exit the vehicle quickly. We plan to make our steering wheel out of a forged carbon fiber composite.


The body is made of carbon fiber for which we lay up. Included in the body construction, we integrate our solar cells into the composite shell. This allows us to our weight and structural integrity