Formula Sun Grand Prix

Group picture FSGP 2019 with Aurora.

The Formula Sun Grand Prix is a 3-day road-course track event, where teams aim to complete as many laps as possible in the allotted 24 hours of drive time. With no lunch break, teams strategize their pit stops for driver and tire changes all while carefully monitoring the weather and managing the car’s energy from the sun. Solar cars that complete a minimum number of laps qualify to participate in the American Solar Challenge. MSU will be competing in FSGP and ASC in 2022 located at Heartland Motorsports in Topeka, Kansas.

American Solar Challenge

Group picture ASC 2014. MSU is first from the right, top row. 

The goal of the American Solar Challenge is to complete as many miles as possible within the given time constraints of the event. The base route for 2022 is nearly 1000 miles. Teams that have extra energy available will be allowed to drive additional optional loops at select locations to further demonstrate the capabilities of their solar cars. The nominal driving day is from 9am–6pm. Each solar car is escorted by lead and chase vehicles that carry the other team members and equipment for roadside repairs. For two hours in the morning and evening, teams are able to charge their batteries using the car’s solar array, angling the array toward the sun for maximum exposure. During these non-driving hours, teams can perform maintenance on the car, check the weather, and determine their strategy for the next day. ASC 2022 will be similar to the Oregon trail from ASC 2018. Display day will be in Independence, MO and from there the teams will head out to Oregon and eventually end in Idaho.

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