This past week has been very eventful for the electrical team of the MSU Solar Car Racing Team:



Last Friday, John Nathan, the Director of Technical Sales, Product Development and Launch for Hybrid Electric Vehicles at Lear Corporation, (as well as also a Michigan State University Alumni!), met with several members of our team. We showed him the suspension team’s progress constructing the new suspension, as well as the body team’s progress constructing the molds for the new shell. Most important though, was the discussion between members of the electrical team with John. John has a tremendous knowledge of electrical systems, specifically geared towards hybrid-electric and all-electric vehicles, so his insights were very helpful in analyzing the wiring system and electrical safety of our car. We enjoyed his stopping by, and we look forward to continuing contact with him in the months to come!



Today, several members of the electrical team brought our SCM 150 motor into Lansing Electric Motors. The purpose was to have our motor diagnosed and have any worn bearings replaced before the American Solar Challenge 2012.



At the shop, we met with Mark Selby, the General Manager for LEM. We also met with Scott Pakkala, the Shop Supervisor, and Jim French, Director of Purchasing. Everyone was very helpful, and we were able to observe them as they disassembled the motor. Our visit was both very productive and very educational, because we were afforded a deeper understanding of our motor.



Regarding the other sub-teams within the team, we have made tremendous progress for several systems. The molds for our new shell our completed, which require sanding before we can lay-up our fiberglass body. Also, the components for our new suspension have been machined, so all we need to do is weld them together. Additionally, the steel tubing for the butt-bucket has been bent and notched, so they require welding as well. We have been too busy fabricating to actually write, but articles on other systems will be posted ASAP.
Thanks for reading this!
James Miller,
Project Manager, MSU Solar Car Racing Team