The MSU Solar Car Team would like to extend a very gracious thank you to Flakeboard for generously donating all of the mold material for the body of the solar car. The team had a lot of trouble finding a proper supplier for mold material, and we were extremely fortunate to connect with the great staff over at Flakeboard.

Furthermore, we would like to thank the incredible members from Demmer Corporation that helped us machine our car’s design out of our mold material. Without Demmer’s guidance and assistance, our car’s body would never have gotten close to its potential. Thank you!






Images of the MDF (medium density fiberboard) that Flakeboard donated to the team and Demmer Corporation machined for the team.


Sheets of the MDF were glued together and cut into the shape of the solar car’s body.   It was our team’s goal to create a competitive solar car, and a very important aspect of that goal is to have an aerodynamic body that can support the solar array. While creating Brasidius III for ASC 2014 the team was forced to use an in-house designed manufacturing process to create the body, resulting in a less than stellar product. However, thanks to Flakeboard and Demmer’s help, the team will be able to create a much more aerodynamic and aesthetic solar car body.

Go Green!