MSU SRT was given the honor of displaying Leonidas at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit over the past two weeks. It was an exciting opportunity and everyone who participated had a wonderful time.

Mechanical Team member Dan Farat said, “The majority of people at the Auto Show have not seen a solar car in person before, so it was exciting to connect with the public and share details of our vehicle with them.”

“Being at the Auto Show is a great thing for our team for many reasons. For a lot of our new members, it’s the first chance they get to show off the car to their families and friends, and I love seeing how proud they are to talk to people about our team,” said President Greg Stark. “There is also the obvious benefit of the huge amount of exposure the team gets at such a large event.  There were thousands of visitors that saw the car that week, and many of them represented either our current sponsors or potential new sponsors. Overall, it is always a great way to further our mission of promoting STEM education and the potential of electric vehicle technology.”

MSU SRT would like to thank all of our sponsors, as well Automobili-D and everyone at the NAIAS who helped make our experience one to remember!