As the new semester kicks into gear, every team from electrical to business to mechanical attracted new talent from across various technical backgrounds. New perspectives and new ideas will enhance our project. We hope they grow with us and lead our team to new heights!

Simultaneously, we have made a lot of progress on our newest car: Aurora. Our main chassis is complete, and we are working to have it powered by the beginning of next month! More importantly, companies such as Consumers Energy and Ford have visited our shop. During Ford’s visit, our members got to show off the progress we have made on Aurora and got to connect with their recruiters and engineers. Similarly, Consumers Energy paid a visit to our shop to witness Aurora. They also presented to our team about renewable energies and everything that they do to help power the State of Michigan.

We would like to thank Consumers Energy and Ford again for visiting our shop and all the support they have provided to us throughout the year!

Also, thank you to Aptiv, a global technology, for donating wire harnesses that will be essential for our cars electrical systems!

A big thank you to all of our sponsors. Without you, the MSU Solar Racing Team wouldn’t be able to build its new, innovative solar electric car: Aurora. And they are: General Motors, Consumers Energy, Material Testing Corporation, Ford, First Solar, Plascore, Alro Steel, Siemens PLM, S&S Die Company, Mitsuba, Nomura Co., Advanced Circuits?, Altair, Aptiv, Sika Axson, Rod End Supply, MSU College of Engineering, MSU’s ECE Department, MSU’s ME Department, Eli Broad College of Business, and ASMSU.

Thanks again to all our sponsors!